अगर कोई गल्ती से by mistake आपके एकाउंट में पैसा जमा कर देता है तो क्या?

Yesterday I received notification on my cell phone of a deposit into my account of Rs82, 000. I could not find out who had deposited it, there was only a reference J002.

At midday yesterday I received a call from someone in ” Revenue dept” stating that they had erroneously deposited a VAT Return of Rs.82,000 into my bank account, Reference J002 and that they needed me to reverse this payment as it should have actually gone to another firm, TLB Towers.

They even faxed through to me a very official looking letter with all the information and their banking details . Last night I went into my on line banking account to do the transfer but decided to print a bank statement first. I saw that the Rs.82,000 was in my account but still “uncleared”.

Gut feelings were quite strong, so I did not reverse the amount but waited till this morning to phone my bank. They too could not identify who the deposit came from. I then asked to be transferred to the risk/fraud division and explained everything to them.

The investigators phoned me a short while ago to let me know that this was a scam, 1) The bank account that I was to transfer into was a personal account with no funds in it presently.
2) They also expect that the cheque deposited into my account may be a stolen cheque
3) And will bounce and they would reverse it in a few days.

This means that I would have “paid back” the money into someone’s private account, they would have withdrawn the money, and then the cheque deposited in my account would have bounced, leaving me with Rs.82,000 less in my account.

Please can you pass this onto everyone that you know. I have been advised that this is happening with people saying that they are from TELECOM, Water and Electricity Municipal Corporation and other Departments.

Remember in such cases, the bank has to take action, not the account holder!

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